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SELECT im_school.school_id AS s_id,im_school.school_name AS s_name, COUNT(*) AS NUB , COUNT(IF(im_team.award='ͧ',award,NULL)) AS gold_medal, COUNT(IF(im_team.award='Թ',award,NULL)) AS silver_medal, COUNT(IF(im_team.award='ͧᴧ',award,NULL)) AS bronze_medal, COUNT(IF(im_team.award='',award,NULL)) AS join_medal, COUNT(IF(im_team.rank='',rank,NULL)) AS winner, COUNT(IF(im_team.rank='ͧѹѺ ',rank,NULL)) AS two_rank, COUNT(IF(im_team.rank='ͧѹѺ ',rank,NULL)) AS three_rank FROM im_school,im_team WHERE im_school.province_id=1 AND im_school.area_type_id=2 AND im_school.zone_num=1 AND im_team.confirm_status=1 AND im_school.school_id=im_team.school_id GROUP BY im_team.school_id ORDER BY winner DESC, two_rank DESC, three_rank DESC, gold_medal DESC, silver_medal DESC,bronze_medal DESC,join_medal DESC, NUB DESC, s_name ASC
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